primetime_parenting_about-01Esti discovered the meaning of her life in her mid-30s. After having worked in marketing for major corporations for several years, she traded in her corporate credit card and invested in her spirituality. Esti left her home town of Chicago, studied her Jewish heritage in Jerusalem, and ended-up living in New York City. It was like starting over again, but Esti finally found her soul mate, got married, and started a family after 35. Both Esti and her ‘primetimepartner’ created this blog to encourage other people that things often become clearer with age. In today’s world, people are finding their true passion later in life; it can happen to you.

On Prime Time Parenting, you will find that Esti’s husband does most of the cooking, while she does most of the cleaning (she’d rather be blogging). They love to travel with their 3 children and explore the latest exhibits and shows and share them with you here. Since Esti and her husband both started to keep kosher later in life, they also share kosher, dairy-free, recipes and food products here too.

Since Esti and her husband are both ‘primetimepeople’, staying healthy and fit is a top priority. Who says youth has to be wasted on the young?

Since Esti started blogging, she has been invited to cover The Martha Stewart Show a couple of times and was mentioned as a “mom blogger to follow” on CBS’s  The Talk. Esti has also been invited to tape segments on both The Rachel Ray Show and Dr. Oz.

This blog is very PR friendly. Please reach out to Esti at info@primetimeparenting.com, or primetimeparent@gmail.com

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Freelance Writing

Esti Berkowitz is a featured writer for the Queens Jewish Link and has her own column, “Socially Savvy”.

Guest Blogging

Esti has been a guest blogger/contributor here too:

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Project You Magazine

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Esti has participated in various blogger outreach programs with:


New York Mets

Disney Paint by Glidden

Duane Reade

International Delight

On the Radio

Esti hosted her own radio shows on Blog Talk Radio. She has interviewed authors, celebrities, chefs, and entrepreneurs too! Check out the JewishShmoozeNetwork and PrimeTimeRadiance on Blog Talk Radio. Esti has interviewed Jill Zarin (Real Housewives of New York) Jillian Lauren, Josh Braff, David Mintz (President of Tofutti), Sloan Miller (Allergic Girl) and more.

Check out the Video

The Prime Time Parent

Prime Time Parent

Prime Time Radiance

Esti has been interviewed by the following radio hosts

The Nachum Segal Network: Table for 2 with Naomi Nachman

The Nachum Segal Network: Table for 2 with Naomi Nachman October ’13

Kosher Scene

Midwest Moms Media